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Megachile (Litomegachile)

Clasificación científica
Reino: Animalia
Filo: Arthropoda
Clase: Insecta
Orden: Hymenoptera
Suborden: Apocrita
Superfamilia: Apoidea
Familia: Megachilidae
Subfamilia: Megachilinae
Género: Megachile
Subgénero: M. (Litomegachile)

Especies sudamericanas

  • Megachile (Litomegachile) buchwaldi Mitchell

Subgenus Litomegachile Mitchell[]

  • Megachile (Litomegachile) Mitchell 1934: 301, 308. Type species: Megachile brevis Say. Original designation.

Megachile (Litomegachile) Mitchell 1935: 9-11.

Six species in the subgenus occur in southern Canada and U.S.A. and one is questionably South American. One species, Megachile gentilis Cresson 1872, has become established on Hawaii, probably in recent times (Mitchell 1935: 24).

Megachile (Litomegachile) buchwaldi Mitchell

Megachile (Litomegachile) buchwaldi Mitchell 1943b: 662. Type locality: Callanga, Peru. Type repository: Unknown.


This is an unusual case. Not only is the bee greatly separated from its subcongeners, Professor Mitchell (op. cit.) cited the name as “Megachile buchwaldi (anon)”.He gave no indication of a description having been published or a type selected.