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Volumen 45. Año 2001.[]

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  • 1. Krystyna Czekońska. Quality of honeybee queens commercially available in southern Poland 5
  • 2. Jerzy Paleolog. An attempt at overwintering sting - clipped queens in multiple-queen colonies 13
  • 3. Zbigniew Kołtowski, Bolesław Jabłoński. Attempt to develop an assortment of herbaceous honey-producing plants to be used for the improvement of bee pastures on idle lands 21
  • 4. Bolesław Jabłoński, Zbigniew Kołtowski. Nectar secretion and honey potential of honey-plants growing under poland's conditions. Part XII 29
  • 5. Bolesław Jabłoński. Agronomic and beekeeping value of short-tube populations of red clover (Trifolium pratense L.) 37
  • 6. Michał Gromisz. Gastric toxicity to bees of fenropatrin - the active ingredient of Danitol and Danirun formulas 51
  • 7. Michał Gromisz - Laboratory assessment of fastac hazard to bees 61
  • 8. Zbigniew Kołtowski. Beekeeping value and pollination requirements of double-improved cultivars of spring rapeseed (Brassica napus L. var. oleifera Metzger f. annua Thell.) 69
  • 9. Paweł Chorbiński, Barbara Tomaszewska. Toxicity of Agrosol Z with addition of the mixture of the fertilizers and pesticides to the honey bees in laboratory conditions 85
  • 10. Paweł Chorbiński, Barbara Tomaszewska. Harmfulness of the selected foliar fertilizers to the honey bees in laboratory conditions 93
  • 11. Jerzy Woyke, Cezary Fliszkiewicz, Zygmunt Jasiński. Prevention of natural mating of instrumentally inseminated queen honeybees by proper method of instrumental insemination 101
  • 12. Andrzej Pidek - Youth preferences in honey consumption 115
  • 13. Cezary Kruk, Wojciech Skowronek. Effect of some factors on brood survival in a bee colony 121
  • 14. Małgorzata Bieńkowska, Zofia Konopacka. Assessment of honeybee colonies infestation by the mite Varroa destruktor based on its natural mortality during the summer season 127
  • 15. Małgorzata Bieńkowska, Zofia Konopacka. Daily summer fall of Varroa destructor (Andersen Treuman 2000) calculated from short (1, 2, 3, and 4-week) sampling periods to be used as an indicator of autumn mite infestation of honeybee colonies 141
  • 16. Janina Muszyńska. Effect of honeydew honey-containing food on the condition of caged bees 159

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