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Trabajos desde 1996 a 2007[]

  1. Honey Bees Get a New Antibiotic, antibiotic approved for American foulbrood bacterial disease in honey bee, tylosin tartrate (TYLAN Soluble), Mark F. Feldlaufer, Beltsville, MD, PDF 125 Kb. 06 JUL p.23
  2. Cleaning House—and Hive, breeding genetically superior SMR (suppress mite reproduction) bees, which don’t suppress Varroa mite reproduction but hygienically remove them from brood cells, John R. Harbo, Jeffrey W. Harris, Baton Rouge, LA,. PDF 1.400 Kb. 05 OCT p.8-9
  3. Death by Dessication, new environmentally friendly synthetic insecticides from sugar esters dehydrate insects on flowers and ornamentals, kills Varroa mite on bees, Gary J. Puterka, Stillwater, OK. PDF 1.314 Kb. 05 JUN. p.8-9.
  4. Bees That Resist Mites Are Busy Groomers, honey bees resist tracheal mites by grooming, Robert G. Danka, Jose D. Villa, Baton Rouge, LA. PDF 137 Kb. 04 DEC. p.21
  5. Saving Bees: Fungus Found To Attack Varroa Mites, Metarhizium anisopliae biocontrol fungus is deadly to Varroa mites of honey bees, Walker A. Jones, Weslaco, TX. PDF 127 Kb. 04 OCT. p.17-18.
  6. SMR—This Honey of a Trait Protects Bees From Deadly Mites, breeding natural SMR (suppressed mite resistance) into honey bees for Varroa mite resistance, beekeeping, artificial insemination of queens, John R. Harbo, Jeffrey W. Harris, Baton Rouge, LA. PDF 1.957 Kb. 04 MAY. p.14-16.
  7. Bee Benefits to Agriculture, value of pollination, effects of diseases on feral honey bee population, defensiveness and U.S. spread of Africanized honey bees, fear and concern for AHB's, Kevin J. Hackett, Beltsville, MD. PDF 62 Kb. 04 MAR. p.2.
  8. What's Buzzing with Africanized Honey Bees? hybridized Africanized honey bees from breeding by African and European honey bees, domination of Africanized honey bees--faster growth and mating behaviors, nest usurpation, U.S. spread of "killer bees" linked to rainfall, beekeeping--maintaining AHB hives, living with AHB's, swarm traps, Gloria DeGrandi-Hoffman, Justin O. Schmidt, Eric Erickson, Tucson, AZ, José D. Villa, Baton Rouge, LA, William A. Rubink, Frank A. Eischen, Weslaco, TX. PDF 793 Kb. 04 MAR. p.4-8.
  9. New Cuisine Wins Rave Reviews From Honey Bees, artificial bee diet keeps bees active in winter for almond pollination, Gloria DeGrandi-Hoffman, Tucszon, AZ. PDF 4.056 Kb. 03 MAR. p.12-14.
  10. Everything You Want To Know About Bees, Internet service answers honey bee questions and provides information on beekeeping, crop pollination, honey bee biology, and research, student forum, Gloria DeGrandi-Hoffman, Tucson, AZ. PDF 67 Kb. 02 MAY. p.23.
  11. Keeping Transgenic Pollen in Its Place, transport of pollen from transgenic alfalfa plants by bees, Daniel Z. Skinner, Pullman, WA, Paul St. Armand, Manhattan, KS. PDF 137 Kb. 01 OCT. p.7.
  12. Russian Honey Bee Earning Its Stripes, resistance to tracheal and Varroa mites, winter survival of the bees, honey production, Thomas E. Rinderer, Baton Rouge, LA. PDF 117 Kb. 01 OCT. p.8-9
  13. Honey Bees Mite Breathe Easier, mite-resistance testing service for Acarapis woodi tracheal mites in bees, autogrooming, beekeeping, Robert G. Danka and José D. Villa, Baton Rouge, LA. PDF 389 Kb. 01 MAR. p.22.
  14. Blue Orchard Bees and Other New Pollinators for Agriculture, Osmia lignaria, pollination of sweet cherry and almond, alfalfa leafcutting bees, Megachile rotundata, S. Karl Narang, Beltsville, MD. PDF 9 Kb. 00 MAY. p.2
  15. New Pollinators Buzzing With Potential, alternative pollinators to supplement services by the domesticated honey bee, Apis mellifera, cranberry and avocado pollinator, Osmia atriventris, Megachile addenda, leaf cutter, Osmia lignaria, blue orchard bee, Megachile rotundata, alfalfa leafcutting bee, bees, beetles, wasps, Megandrena enceliae, U.S. National Pollinating Insects Collection, one of the world's top 10 bee museums, bees, wasps, other specimens, James H. Cane, William P. Kemp, Jordi Bosch, Terry L. Griswold, Vincent J. Tepedino, Logan, UT. PDF 527 Kb. 00 MAY. p.4-6.
  16. Screening Mites From Honey Bees, varroa mite, screen insert in bee hives helps keep mites from reattaching to bees after smoke or chemical treatment, Jeffery S. Pettis, Beltsville, MD. PDF 161 Kb. 00 MAR. p.22.
  17. Sunflower Bee's a Great Pollinator!, sunflower leafcutting bees (Megachile pugnata, or megapugs) outperform the honey bee (Apis mellifera) in pollinating sunflowers, Vincent J. Tepidino, Logan, UT. PDF 45 Kb. 99 SEP. p.22.
  18. Varroa-Tolerant Bees Keep Hives Buzzing, Varroa jacobsoni mites, varroa tolerance, Russian bees are resistant, honey bee, hive, fluvalinate, coumaphos, smoke from burning citrus, Kashmir bee virus, Eric H. Erickson, Tucson, AZ, Thomas E. Rinderer, Baton Rouge, LA, Patti J. Elzen, Frank A. Eischen, Weslaco, TX, Robert D. Stipanovic, Oxford, MS, Akey C.F. Hung, Beltsville, MD. PDF 254 Kb. 99 AUG. p.12-14.
  19. Anti-Mite Gel Gets Commercial License, varroa mites, honey bees, fluvalinate, formic acid, Hachiro Shimanuki, Beltsville, MD. PDF 14 Kb. 98 NOV. p.23.
  20. All Pollens Are Not Created Equal, Honey bees need nutritional variety in their pollen diet, protein, vitamins, minerals, and fats, Justin O. Schmidt, Tucson, AZ. PDF 12 Kb. 98 OCT. p.23.
  21. Cranberry-Pollinating Bee Wears a Mustache, Anthophora abrupta, mustached mud bee, solitary bees, pollen, beebread, Suzanne W.T. Batra, Beltsville, MD. PDF 23 Kb. 98 SEP p.16.
  22. Microbes Help Bees Battle Chalkbrood, Ascosphaera apis fungus, biocontrol, fungicide, Apis mellifera, Martha A. Gilliam, Tucson, AZ. PDF 68 Kb. 98 AUG. p.16-17.
  23. The Buzz on Russian Bees: They're Research Ready, resist varroa and tracheal mites, Tom Rinderer, Baton Rouge, LA. PDF 18 Kb. 98 MAY. p.23.
  24. Gel Could Stop Two Mites With One Treatment, formic acid, honey bees, tracheal and varroa mites, fluvalinate, Mark Feldlaufer, Beltsville, MD, (science update). PDF 14 Kb. 98 FEB p.19.
  25. Insect Pollinators Help Preserve Plant Treasures, caged bees, ARS North Central Regional Plant Introduction Station, keeping genetic variability, plant germplasm collections, honey bees, Peter K. Bretting, Craig Abel, Richard Wilson, and Mark Widrlechner, Ames, IA. PDF 156 Kb. 97 OCT p.10.
  26. Many Rewards From International Cooperation, forum, honey bees, gene for wheat in aluminum soils, mosquitoes, apple germplasm, floral industry, A. Rick Bennett, Beltsville, MD. PDF 156 Kb. 97 SEP. p.2.
  27. Helping Honey Bees Fight Mites, smaller honeycomb cells create less stress on bees, improve resistance to varroa, Eric H. Erickson, Tucson, AZ. PDF 24 Kb. 97 MAY. p.22.

Trabajos 1991 a 1996[]

  1. Africanized Honey Bees--the March North Has Slowed; Hachiro Shimanuki; Beltsville; MD 96Mar02
  2. Buzzing Across the Border; africanized honey bees; Mexico; pheromone-baited traps; varroa and trachael mites; DEET; William Wilson; Weslaco; TX Anita Collins; Beltsville; MD 96Mar04
  3. Sampling With a Bee-Vac; africanized honey bees; Dust buster vacuum; William Wilson; Weslaco; TX 96Mar04
  4. Bees Take a Stroll for Biocontrol; talc and nuclear polyhedrosis virus; John Hamm; Ga; 95Jan23
  5. DNA--Sequencing Is a New Tool for Insect Detectives; honey bees; genetic markers; fingerprint; Mediterranean fruit flies; medflies; mitochondria; mosquito; corn earworms; bluetongue virus; biting midges; sweetpotato whitefly; Indianmeal moth and lesser grain borer; potato leafhopper; Steve Sheppard; Hachiro Shimanuki; M. Christina Arias; Nathan Schiff; Beltsville; MD Alan Sylvester and Thomas E. Rinderer; Baton Rouge; LA Andrew F. Cockburn and Truls Jensen; Gainesville; FL S. Karl Narang; Fargo; ND Walter J. Tabachnick; Laramie; WY Alan C. Bartlett; Phoenix; AZ Bruce C. Campbell; Albany; CA Alan K. Dowdy; Manhattan; KS Daniel Z. Skinner; Manhattan; KS 95Feb12
  6. Treating the Bees' Wheeze; Varroa mites; Golden Angels; honey bees; tracheal; pollination; fluvalinate; pyrethroid; thymol; eucalyptus oil; Nick Calderone; Beltsville; MD 95Jun18
  7. Joint Venture Pays Ag Dividends; biocontrol; Africanized bees; Cotton; boll weevil; wasp; Catolaccus grandis;Helicoverpa zea; corn earworm; cotton bollworm; soybean podworm; or tomato fruitworm; satellite images; soil salinity; irrigated land; Mexflies; citrus; avocados; mangos; guavas; and other tropical fruits; southern cattle tick; Boophilus microplus; coumaphos; cattle-dipping vats; Edgar G. King; Jr.; Robert L. Mangan; Juan A. Morales-Ramos; Jimmy R. Raulston; Craig L. Wiegand; Antonio A. Guerra; Anita M. Collins; and William T. Wilson; Weslaco; TX; Leonard J. Lane; Tucson; AZ; John E. George; Kerrville; TX 95Sep04
  8. The Busiest of Bees; wild bees; crop pollination; native pollen bees; Blueberry bee;osmia ribifloris; Giant carpenter bee; xylocopa; honey bee; apis mellifera; Hornfaced bee; osmia cornifrons; Native bumblebee; bombus sonorus; Oxaeid bee; ptiloglossa arizonensis;Polyester bees; colletes thoracicus; Shaggy fuzzyfoot; anthophora pilipes villosula; Suzanne Batra; Beltsville; MD; Stephen L. Buchmann; Tucson; AZ; Philip F. Torchio and Vincent J. Tepedino; Logan; UT 94Feb08
  9. Wingbeat Counter Fingers Invading Bees; Africanized honey; Hayward G. Spangler; Tucson; AZ 94Aug09
  10. Breeding Bees for Mite Resistance; Yugoslavian; Buckfast; varroa; tracheal; Thomas Rinderer and Robert Danka; Baton Rouge; LA; Ralph Bram; Beltsville; MD 93Mar16
  11. Watching Out For Honey Bees; diseases; mites; identification lab; chalkbrood; foulbrood; Hachiro Shimanuki; David A. Knox; Mark F. Feldlaufer; William R. Lusby; Beltsville; MD 93Jul12
  12. What's a Better Blueberry Pollinator? Osmia ribifloris erica ceae bees Philip Torchio Logan UT ( Julie Corliss Albany) 92Mar19
  13. Southern Blueberries Need Honey Bees Robert G. Danka Baton Rouge LA) Gulfcoast variety of blueberrysouthern highbush varieties Sharpblue growers bees 91Apr19

Trabajos desde 1978 a 1990[]

  1. Faster-Acting Menthol for Bees tracheal mites honey shortening William T. Wilson Weslaco TX 90Jan22
  2. Protecting Endangered Plant Species grasshoppers insecticides wild bees pollen grasshoppers Sacramento Mountain thistle Vincent J. Tepedino and Terry L. Griswold Logan UT 90May16
  3. Sweeter Onions are More Bee-Guiling honey bees onion pollen plant breeding James R. Hagler Tucson AZ 90Jun26
  4. Treatment for Africanized Bee Stings Possible bee venom honey bees antibodies Justin O. Schmidt Tucson AZ 90Jul27
  5. Higher Producing Honey Bees weighing hives selective breeding for honey production queens honey production Nicholas W. Calderone Beltsville MD 90Nov23
  6. The Africanized Honey Bees hybrid honey bees killer bees trap lines first entry into U.S. threat to humans effect on pollination honey production identification of sugar syrup bait for marking queens Ralph Bram Beltsville and numerous others 90Dec4
  7. Stingometer Finds Savage Stingers European honey bees Africanized Honey bees DEET repellents Hayward Spangler and Eric Erickson Tucson AZ 90Dec9
  8. Can't Tell Your Bees Apart? Bar Code 'Em! Stephen L. Buchmann. 89Jan7
  9. Menthol Clears Bees Breathing Tubes tracheal mites honey William Wilson Weslaco TX 88Jan11
  10. Wild Bees Make Money Not Honey; Pollination; alfalfa; horn-faced bees; blue orchard bees; disposable plastic nest. Frank D. Parker and Philip F. Torchio; Logan UT. 87Aug12
  11. Berry Fungus Tricks Wild Bees; wild bees; floral mimicry; blueberry; huckleberry; mummy-berry disease. Lekh Batra; Suzanne W.T. Batra; Beltsville; MD 20705. 87Aug5
  12. Screen Test for Bad-Acting Bees; Africanized bees; FABIS; (sometimes called killer bees) Thomas Rinderer; Baton Rouge; LA. 86Feb6
  13. Good Housekeeping Means Healthier Bees; honey; chalkbrood fungus; wax; Martha A. Gilliam; Tucson; AZ 85May4
  14. Pinpointing Chemical Residues; honey bees; organophosphate insecticides; Jack Harvey; Laramie; WY 85May5
  15. Space Bees: honey bee colony on shuttle flight Hachiro Shimanuki 84Jul/Aug15
  16. Wild bees as pollinators--an update; Osmia Lignaria; 83Jan-Feb8
  17. Breeding plan for bees; honey; African bees; hybrids; . 83Apr14
  18. No news is good news for beekeepers; parasitic mite; honeybees; Varroa jacobsoni and acarapis woodi. 83Nov-Dec.
  19. Bees better strawberries. 80May16
  20. Bees increase melon size. 80Mar14
  21. Keeping parasites out of leafcutter bees. 79oct16
  22. New...Manmade minihive; bees. 78Apr11
  23. A rose by any other smell; honey bees. 78Apr15
  24. Mosquito control doesn't harm bees; 78May11

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