Thomas Hyll. 1568. A pleasaunt instruction of the pafit orderinge of bees...gathered out of the beste writers. [London, T. Marshe] Bound up, as usual, with Hill's Proffitable arte of gardening..., but with the order considerably scrambled: t.p. for A pleasaunt instruction, A2-A6 (dedication for the Proffitable arte), A6b pasted over, five leaves, signed *on the first (the dedication and preface for a pleasaunt instruction), B8 (envoy and table for the Proffitable arte), Aa8-Gg3 (text of a pleasaunt instruction), Gg3b pasted over to obscure opening of Certaine husbandly conjectures (not included in this copy, C8-dd8 (text, lacking title, et. al, of the Proffitable arte).

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